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“Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend.” Lao Tzu
“Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream.” John Lennon
“Most people are overfed, and they’re undernourished…Freshly extracted juice is the fifteen minute nutrient express to health.” Jason Vale

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Naturopathic Medicine seeks to unveil the real cause of your disease for a deeper, longer more profound result. Human's are complex so we require a multidimensional approach. Using various traditional natural medicines can provide gentle, effective yet powerful outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What training do Naturopaths receive in Australia?

A modern naturopath in practice within Australia is trained in medical sciences and most often in the modalities of Western Herbal Medicine, Biochemical Nutrition, Homeopathy, Massage and Counselling.


How can I tell if a Naturopath has appropriate training and qualifications?

A good sign will be membership of a professional body such as the ATMS, ANTA, NHAA or ANPA.  These bodies investigate and set academic standards, collect CPE points (continued professional education) and will only accept members from approved colleges or courses.


How is a Naturopath different to my GP?

Your GP may have additional training in the medical sciences, will offer a 6 to 15 minute consultation time-slot , prescribe pharmaceutical drugs or minor lifestyle modification, and be able to swipe your medicare card. They may also have a different philosophy and methodology of practice often treating symptomatically rather than searching for the cause of the imbalance or “dis-ease”.

Naturopaths do not replace GPs.  A naturopath prefere to work along side GPs to offer complementary support and alternative options to the treatment of illness. Naturopath's will usually spend a lot longer understanding the client’s needs. They will use functional testing, substances that subtly and slowly modify the internal environment and commonly recommend lifestyle and dietary modifications.


Why a Naturopath?

It depends how you want to approach your own health care. Many people who see Naturopaths have a condition that may not have been resolved by the established medical system - complementary natural health care is often seen as a last attempt to restore or manage chronic diseases. This is not to say that a Naturopathic treatment claims to offer a cure to these conditions, but often an individual's quality and quantity of life is improved.

Others may see a Naturopath for philosophical reasons - they believe that a subtle form of health care is more beneficial for them in the long term. Many people are keen to try the preventative approach rather than waiting until they get sick.

A Naturopath will not only be interested in the condition you present with, they will endeavour  to understand you in a broader sense and provide feedback to gently guide and coach you through the changes that will be required for you to reach your optimal level of wellness. It is important to assess your level of readiness to change as the effort must come from within you.


How long will it take to see improvements?

It depends on the reason why you have come to a Naturopath - it may be for an Acute or Chronic issue. Acute conditions can often be resolved in a week or two if you are committed to the treatment prescribed. In the case of chronic conditions, often these problems have taken many years of metabolic and/or emotional imbalance to actually physically manifest as a disease. If it has taken you 20 - 30 - 40+ years to reach the state of health or disease you're currently experiencing, then expecting your issues to be solved in 2 weeks is not realistic. Obtaining optimal wellness is achievable - it takes readiness, a willing focus and commitment to do what is necessary to rebalance your whole body, mind, and spirit. 

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