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Naturopathic Consultations

  • Physical Examination
  • Thorough History taking
  • Rapid Heavy Metal & Nutrient Testing
  • Epigenetic Nutrition Programs
  • Live Blood examination
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Kinesiology


We seek the underlying causes rather than focusing only on symptom relief.

Using advanced technologies, exploring diet, lifestyle, and mind-body, we provide you with personalised health program.

Take your health into your own hands, learn how to stay well, track your progress and better work in with your own individual make-up.

Call us 8:00am to 8:00pm 7 Days on 0450 971 325 for a FREE 15 minute phone call with a Naturopath.

Achieve the results you’ve been looking for!


The philosophy of naturopathic practice is self-described by six core values:

      1.  Treat the Whole Person
      2.  Find the Cause
      3. The Healing Force of Nature
      4. Doctor as Teacher
      5. Prevention
      6. First do no harm



Holistic Counselling




Gift Vouchers

Why not give someone in your life a deserving gift of health, relaxation, holistic guidance and support? A great way to show someone you truly care about them.


Gift vouchers for services may be purchased from the clinic or can be arranged by telephone or email and are available for all services. We are happy to post them to you or directly to the recipient. Credit card payments available.


Appointments & Cancellations

All consultations are by appointment only. We encourage you to arrive a little ahead of your scheduled appointment time, to allow sufficient time to fill out any required paperwork or Health Appraisal Forms enabling you get the most from your consultation. Evolve Your Health wishes to advise that any appointment cancelled or missed without 24 hours notice may at our discretion incur a cancellation fee. See terms and conditions. 


Online (Webcam) and Email Consultations

Webcam consultations are available for interstate, country, regional, and overseas clients only, preferably only for follow-up consultations. We do encourage regular email contact with clients, as this not only allows an avenue of communication should a pressing need arise, it shows that we take an ongoing interest in your health.


Payment Information

Cash, EFTPOS, EFT and major credit cards accepted.


Unless by prior arrangement, fees are payable in full at each consultation. We reserve the right to charge administration fees regarding unfulfilled payments, and to pass on to you any fees incurred by us (e.g. if we are charged for presenting a cheque that dishonours).


We do not pass on fees for debit cards (for any amount), or all other credit card payments under $500. EFT direct-depositing  before the date of the service (for a service – not supplements) entitles you to a 5% discount.


Private Health Cover

We are accredited with health fund provider numbers. Private Health Cover rebates apply for many of our services. Call your insurance company to clarify your level of health cover and which of our services you can claim.


Opening Hours

All services are available by appointment only in Sandgate (Brisbane) on Mondays and Saturdays. Email and VoiP (Skype) consultations are available outside of these times. 



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