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Body Balance

Life Force International
Price: AU$31


Life Force International’s Body Balance from  is the key to restore, rebuild or enhance your foundation of health.

In one concentrated drink, Body Balance rejuvenates health and balances the body. It supports.


Product Description

  1. Body Balance is whole food.  It is made of nine different sea vegetables that have been blended for optimal absorption. It also contains organic cold pressed premium inner fillet Aloe Vera. Supplementing your nutrition from whole food instead of from manufactured pills or capsules means that your cells are getting nutrition naturally.
  2. It is Pure.  The nine sea vegetables are wild- harvested from the most pristine waters of the northern oceans many meters below the surface.  This is probably the most pollution free environment on earth. The Aloe Vera is grown on a volcano in Mexico the most mineral rich soil on earth and Certified Organic.
  3. It is organicBody Balance is processed with pure water and contains no chemicals.  Only naturally sourced preservatives are used, which is why it has to be refrigerated once it is opened.
  4. Body Balance is naturally rich in nutrients.  Minerals have been washed into the oceans for millions of years, so the nine sea vegetables and Aloe Vera together yield over 121 vital nutrients that the body needs every day. More than any other kind of food Body Balance delivers a very broad spectrum of bioactive phytonutrients necessary to support intercellular and overall health.
  5. Body Balance is in an ionic formThis ensures the absorption rate of Body Balance is extremely high in comparison to the much lower absorption rate of pills and capsules.
  6. Body Balance is complete.  Body Balance delivers in trace amounts up to 121 synergistically combined, naturally occurring vital nutrients including virtually every vitamin, mineral, ultra trace mineral, amino acid and enzyme useful for optimal health. It is completely bioavailable for immediate assimilation and integration at the cellular level. It provides the benefits of innumerable phytonutrients identified or present in sea vegetation. The benefits to your health may be profound.
  7. Body Balance is delicious and easy to take.  People who have difficulty taking pills or capsules, find that Body Balance is a very pleasant and easy way to obtain quality nutrition on a daily basis.

Body Balance is truly amazing. Virtually everyone benefits from taking Body Balance – especially children, the sick and the elderly. When you give the body what it needs it has the opportunity to address its health challenges using it’s own innate wisdom. It is easy for healthy people to reach further optimal wellness.  It’s never too early or too late to give your body the nutrition it needs in a form it can utilize fully.

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