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The Healing Wisdom of Guided Imagery

Imagery is the true and natural language of the mind and body. It forms a bridge between our everyday mundane world and our Inner subjective reality. When we play with Imagery, we close our eyes and turn our senses inward. In this place, free of outside influences, we discover the wisdom to change our lives.

For me personally, it has been the most profound part of my own self healing journey. When done within a group, guided Imagery provides a place where we come together as a collective connected community to activate picture based prayer language that allows us to see, hear, feel and sense using higher divine wisdom and guidance .

Our logical, reasoning mind, our lifetime of unconscious programming, our ancestral baggage, our hurtful and undigested traumatic experiences are what bind us to our predictable patterns of behaviour, that frequently do not serve our highest good.

To break free from our acquired imposed and self-imposed limitations, we must move from the outer to the Inner realm, the horizontal timeline to the vertical axis of the divine, to learn to view a new way of being. Then our only job is to listen and act upon this powerful spirit led insight to change and improve our lives and health. The truth is always found within.

Many look at their lives from an outward reflected place and will not easily see what they do not want or like to see about themselves, instead projecting it onto others. However, the foresight of divine unified oneness, works in ways that will not give up on us until we are able to self-realise on a deeper level. If you have the experience of looping experiences in your life e.g. picking the same partner that has the same traits and treats you in the same way as the others, usually there is some deeper realising to be done.

True inner freedom comes when one is willing to explore our Inner realm. This magical picture language communicates and guides to us more easily self-heal, evolve, and grow. We become inspired and intuitive, more relaxed and trusting as we gently confront our constructed ego persona with it's often blind errors in behaviour and expression due to the accumulated distorted life lens we look through and response from. Guided Imagery helps us transcend self-sabotage, self-punishment and self-loathing. We are able to learn unconditional self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth, and change our lives in the most powerful ways.

True wholistic healing really is an inside job, simple, but not always easy. It's takes an open mind, courage and commitment to confront yourself in ways you may never have before. I highly recommend you learn the simple art of mental Imagery that changes the trajectory of countless lives everyday and one that takes just minutes of your time. If you are in the local Sunshine Coast region, you can directly experience a guided imagery session coupled with the unique Base 12 consciousness enhancing sound therapy of the RASHA via regularly offered, inperson 6 weekly block classes at Eumundi, Nambour, Tewantin and Noosa. If you are situated elsewhere, we run regular online classes remotely on Zoom via our monthly subscription option. Visit for more information on the RASHA.

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