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“You can trace EVERY sickness, EVERY disease, EVERY aliment to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr Linus
Pauling, two time Nobel Prize Winner.


Every living cell depends on minerals for proper function, structure, and electrical conductivity. The body uses and requires more than 80 minerals for complete balanced health. Unless the soils that we grow our food in are rich in all of these minerals, we cannot get them from the food we eat.


Mother Earth Minerals offers truly unique and cutting edge mineral therapy supplements that are bioavailable - meaning your body can easily absorb them so that you can supercharge yourself back to optimal health.


In the product info and links below you can learn more about these incredible, water soluble, magnetically-enhanced angstrom size individual minerals. The starter pack includes them all from Boron to Zinc + a tote bag for easy storage.

Mother Earth Minerals Starter Pack +Tote

SKU: 364115376135191
  • STARTER KIT INCLUDES - Mother Earth Minerals (all 20) with Tote
    (convert price from $199.95USD for site)

    To get all 20 of Mother Earth Minerals is the ultimate starting point in high quality mineral supplementation. Not only do you get all 20 of the basic Mother Earth Minerals together in one go, but you also get them with a 30% discount off!  You’ll also get a free tote bag with cardboard dividers for travel convenience, with the added big
    bonus of receiving Dr.Ott's Wellness Secrets for Life book for free.

    This package contains the following products:
    Boron 2 OZ
    Calcium 2 OZ
    Chromium 2 OZ
    Cobalt 2 OZ
    Copper 2 OZ
    Germanium 2 OZ
    Gold 2 OZ
    Iodine 2 OZ
    Iron 2 OZ
    Magnesium 2 OZ
    Manganese 2 OZ
    Mineral Of Life 2 OZ
    Molybdenum 2 OZ
    Platinum 2 OZ
    Potassium 2 OZ
    Selenium 2 OZ
    Silver 2 OZ
    Sulfur 2 OZ
    Vanadium 2 OZ
    Zinc 2 OZ
    Wellness Secrets for Life!
    Tote Bag

    Our society is realizing that proper nutrition is key to a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, due to short-sighted commercial farming methods, soils are depleted of nutrition and therefore, so are the foods grown in them. To make things worse, most dietary mineral supplements currently on the market have extremely low absorption rates and are not very bio-available. You can have all the air, water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins you want but
    you won't achieve health and wellness without a complete balance of minerals in the correct form. When given the right materials in the right form, the body can do amazing things to promote its own
    health - increased energy, proper organ functioning, powerful immunity, healthy skin and hair, improved cognitive function, maintaining optimal weight is easy... this list goes on.

    Mother Earth Minerals are:

    • Ionic - Possessing an electrical charge, that is drawn to the walls of the intestines for easy absorption.    
    • Water Soluble - Highly bio-available angstrom sized ions in an aqueous solution, meaning even compromised digestive systems can still absorb them.
    • Cell-Available - Available for absorption into the human cell, not only the blood stream.
    • Meticulously Prepared - From 99.99% pure elemental source in the purest energy enhanced structured water.
    • All Natural - Contain no sugar, starch, yeast, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or animal by-products.
    • Allergen Free - Including dairy, wheat, yeast, gluten, dicalcium phosphate, corn, and fillers.
    • Vegan

    Mother Earth Minerals are the highest quality liquid minerals on the market. They are subjected to rigorous quality control measures and are manufactured under FDA cGMP regulations.

    For more information about the increased bioavailability of angstrom particles visit.....(add url link)

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