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If you’re looking to support your health routine with coffee enema’s, S.A.Wilson’s Gold Roast
Coffee is the best coffee source for enema use. With the highest levels of caffeine and palmitic
acid compared to other coffee on the market, it works wonders for helping you rid yourself of
toxins and keep your blood and liver clean.


Product Details:
Organic Coffee – All SA Wilson coffee is certified organic by at least two certifying agencies (e.g. Pro-cert), where beans are purchased from small, independent farming co-operatives.


Tested Mould-Free – Roasted using our ultra-clean process and all our coffee is tested in-house
to ensure it is mould-free.


Health Solution – With higher levels of caffeine and palmitic acid, SA Wilson’s Gold Roast Coffee
is the only blend on the market specially designed and roasted with ones’s health in mind. Ground or Whole-bean *NOTE* Coffee bean process results in the beans coming out much harder than normal, hence it is recommended to order pre-ground to avoid any complications with your coffee grinder/blender.

S.A. Wilson Enema Coffee

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