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Evolve Your Health Naturopathy Packages and Consultations

Health Packages & Consultations

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Take the first step to Evolve Your Health by choosing from these next level services & wellness technologies below

Natural Health Packages

Evolve Your Health Cleanse Purify Package

Cleanse & Purify Package

This package includes 4 sessions of personalised fortification & purification, unique to your body type.  *Tests, Remedies, IDF Scan & RASHA™ separate

Evolve Your Health Personalise Epigenetics Program

Personalised Epigenetic Program

4 sessions of personalised epigenetic nutrition & lifestyle coaching program unique to you, that changes as you change. *Membership options available (10 days or 1 year)

Evolve Your Health Longevity Re-Youthing Program

Longevity & Age Prevention Program

6 sessions of personalised guidance for enhanced self-healing, improved longevity & preserving vitality, using personalised & targeted nutrition, unique alchemic spagyric tonics and body cleansing methods. *Tests, Remedies, IDF Scan & RASHA™ separate.

Evolve Your Health Ultimate Fertility program

Ultimate Fertility Program

8 pre-conception care sessions (partners included). Optimise the DNA potential of your offspring, recode ancestral patterns, and replenish & prepare your body and baby for ultimate long-term wellbeing. *Tests, Remedies, IDF Scan & RASHA™ separate.

Evolve Your Health IDF Wellness Research Clients

Wellness Research Clients

Explore 4 sessions of highly personalised IDF Analysis research and remedies. Only when available. Conditions apply, please book a free 15 minute pre-intake session to check suitability. *Tests additional

Don’t let health issues limit your ability to express and share your unique gifts and talents with the world!

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Naturopathy Consultations

Initial Naturopathy Session

Comprehensive 90mins review assessment of your overall health history, constitution and current health presentation. This can include diet & lifestyle, review of medications & supplements, pathology testing recommendations and much more. (Child up to 18yo)

Follow up Naturopathy Session

60mins follow up session to assess and review progress. (Child up to 18yo)

Acute Consult OR Test Review

30 minute session for acute conditions, emergency health situations & natural first aid care. Pathology report and blood test reviews. 

Holistic Psycho-Spiritual Counselling Session

60 minute intuitive listening and guidance session to empower you to connect with your multi-dimensional inner wisdom for self mastery.

Prescription or Bach Flower Remedy

Online drop ship prescription prepared for your convenience. Bach Flower Remedy dispensing.

Personalised IDF Analysis

120mins SE-5 2000 Instrinsic Data Field (IDF) Analysis to uncover & recode distorted patterns and programs unconsciously downloaded and stored within our information biofield, that precede, instruct and influence  physical matter. 

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