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The RASHA™ has landed!

Join the RASHA™ R-evolution towards high frequency living!

RASHA™ is a R-evolutionary & unique base12 scalar field sound frequency technology designed to elevate your consciousness.

Enhance Self-Healing with RASHA™ Frequencies

The RASHA™ is a quantum scalar field reality enhancer that utilises Base-12 coding, Tesla coils, noble plasma gases, and sound frequencies, to assist in clearing biofield distortions and aid our return to Wholeness. Unique and innovative therapies such as electro-medicine, biofeedback and scalar field subtle energy therapies are coming into their own to help enhance the evolutionary shift humanity is moving through. By freeing up and mobilising stagnant, traumatised patterns in our bio-energetic field, we ramp up our self-empowered healing abilities . As more people discover the importance of our layered biofield  providing a protective 'atmosphere' that regulates our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, we are also learning about the biological harm caused by disruptive EMF's, SMART tech, dirty electricity, nanotech & gene altering technology. RASHA™ offers a non-invasive way to harmonise our nervous system and cleanse our energetic biofield, as we recalibrate our DNA coding to enhance our self-healing capacity while supporting our consciousness expansion.  When we rebalance and recalibrate our electro-magnetic anatomy, our ability to regain and remain healthy becomes so much easier.  The only one of it's kind,  publicly offered tri-naural,  base12 eternal life scalar-field  RASHA™ technology helps to reorient our way back to holistic self mastery. 

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The RASHA™ base 12 scalar wave technology in Australia

Why RASHA™ & what can it do?

This R-evolutionary technology is the ONLY one of its kind in Australia and it's right here on the Sunshine Coast! This cutting edge technology provides a unique and powerful quantum scalar reality magnifier - and you have the ability to try this one of a kind experience which up until now has only been available to those able to afford the investment. With only a small number of these custom made devices in the world you are in for a rare and special experience. 

When we bathe in resonant sound frequencies run through the Base 12 encoded tri-naural Telsa coil scalar fields, it enhances our link with our own higher levels of conscious awareness, as it hemi-syncs the two sides of our brain, creating a harmonised whole brain state, and changes our brain waves from high beta (usually when stressed) to the highest oscillating alpha, theta and gamma brain waves. This powerful frequency and information reset helps us receive the wise inner guidance and attract exciting synchronicities that when followed, help us overcome our blockages to start living the life we dream of. 


Whether it be in the area of health, wealth, love, or relationships, dream achievement is possible when we make that important inner shift back to our original blueprint 'setting' were we have access to our own natural healing power and our unlimited human potential. Immersion in the RASHA™ field helps you create coherent resonance restoring you to wholeness to unlock the latent capabilities that lie in what we have been lead to believe is 'junk DNA'.

Group RASHA™ wellness workshops Sunshine Coast
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