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RASHA™ Membership

Join the R-evolution towards unlimited wellness!

RASHA™ health memberships Noosa

RASHA™ Memberships work like gym memberships, but instead of getting on yet another treadmill, you get to break free from your limitations and power up for good!

Monthly Memberships


RASHA™ Activate

This entry level membership offers you access to 4 virtual RASHA™ sessions at an agreed time that suits your lifestyle. This is great if you are unable to attend in person. (session duration?)

$99 monthly


RASHA™ Illuminate

This 3 month membership gives you unlimited virtual RASHA™ access so that you can make the most of it from wherever you are. (session duration?)

$144 monthly for 3 months


RASHA™ Elevate

This membership gives you ongoing unlimited virtual RASHA™ sessions each month. You can pause or cancel at any time. session duration?

$199 monthly


RASHA™ Ignite

This membership offers you a single one-on-one virtual or in person RASHA™ session per month. (session duration?)

$222 monthly

Evolve Your Health RASHA™ Transcend Membership

RASHA™ Transcend

This membership offers you 4 x single one-on-one RASHA™ sessions per month that you can choose to have as virtual or in person sessions. Plus one month of unlimited virtual RASHA™ sessions. (duration?)

$864 monthly

Don’t let health issues limit your ability to shine your light in the world and make a real difference!

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