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Epigenetics Personal Health Coaching at Evolve Your Health Noosa Hinterland

Epigenetics &
Personal Health Coaching

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A personalised 'epigenetic focus' health coaching program is tailored to your unique constitution as you change over time. Say goodbye to a 'one size fits all' approach & hello to a program that is designed for success!

Epigenetics & Personalised Health Coaching

Welcome to the era of Personalised Health and the new science of Epigenetics. Although the PHA wellness program has been around for over 15 years, some are only just finding out about this new personalised health revolution!


We are in a time of great change - where we have unprecedented access to vast amounts of information and assisted technology that allows us to refine and streamline what the best health choices are for our unique selves. This helps us to more powerfully reclaim knowledge of self and take charge of our own wellness. 

Although we've been commonly taught that genetics cause disease, the new science tells us that it's Epigenetics, or the environment in which the genes/cells are surrounded and bathed in that will influence and have the most impact on what gets up and down regulated and genetically expressed. This is good news, because it means that if we learn what the right environment, diet and lifestyle is for our unique body type we have the ability to deal with all sorts of health issues and chronic disease.


The statistics for cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes, auto-immunity and fertility issues seem to be on a steep, ever increasing upward trajectory.  Now many people are stopping to ask the fundamental question - why?  Why, if we direct so much money into cancer and chronic disease research are we not successfully reducing and eliminating these disease epidemics? We're led to believe our medical system and policy makers have the answers, but do they? Are they investing in teaching us how to prevent disease and maintain high levels of health? Or perhaps there is just too much profit to be made in a disease based sickness model? Promoting and going back to a more natural wellness, disease prevention based model is key if we want to improve our own health and happiness for generations to come.


So, really it is up to us now as individuals to be pro-active around reclaiming our own wellness! With personalised health, we strive to provide a strong foundational understanding of what's important and best for unique individuals to navigate their way towards optimal health, longevity and happiness.  Armed with this knowledge, we get to take charge and fine tune our lifestyle to live a better quality of life! Health isn't complicated - when you learn how to naturally balance and support your own innate healing forces, and set a strong, clear intent to focus on wellness over disease.


Designed with over 15 layers of foundational sciences in the mix, Personalised Precision Health will help you: 


  • Discover and understand your personal Phenotype 

  • Realise the relevance and importance of our individual Anthropometry (physical size/shape variation), Embryology (prenatal development) and Genetics (trait inheritance)

  • Use Chronobiology (how timing affects results) to your best advantage

  • Understand your own Neuropsychology (personalised behaviours)


And much more…

Studies show that 85% of those who are coached for health achieve their goals or better, compared to 42% of those who go it alone!

What is Personalised Epigenetic Health Coaching?

Your PHA ph360™ accredited Personal Epigenetic Practitioner & Coach will work to help you understand your unique constitution and will co-create with you a coaching program for you to more easily achieve your health & lifestyle goals. You choose your level of engagement depending on whether you need a motivator, an accountability partner, a professional health advisor, or a highly regimented task master to stay on track. Personal Health Coaching supports your journey back to health, it's always a team effort!  If you’re feeling challenged, need specific guidance or simply find things easier with someone else, start your ph360™ Personal Health Coaching today and optimise the way you look, feel and function in your life.

The Science behind the ph360™ personal epigenetics coaching system

ph360™ integrates scientific powerful evidence from multiple fields of study around the world and cutting-edge technology into one powerful platform.

Science of PH360™ personal epigenetics
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ph360™ uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical profile. This allows your mobile App, Shae, to correlate predictive, preventative personalised health data and give you practical health advice.

PH360™ infographic model

Personalised to You...

Specific Anthropometric measurements are used as markers of health and disease, not only on their own but commonly as they relate to one another. Similarly, the body displays signs and symptoms that can be used to assess its current state of health.

Your body on the outside is a direct reflection of your health on the inside. From simple physical assessments (weight & mass, finger length, ear position, foot length, waist girth) ph360™ personalises data specifically to your body, right now.

Evolve Your Health epigenetics coaching

ph360™ draws from the following scientific and natural healing disciplines for a comprehensive understanding of your health:

  • Ancestry & Genetic Lineage - a significant determinant in the optimal environment and lifestyle, and subsequent defense systems, for your health.

  • Anthropometry - Measurement of the human body to determine body mass index (BMI), to help determine phenotype and predict metabolic traits and proclivity to certain diseases.

  • Ayurveda - Traditional system of medicine from India that means 'the science of life'. Ayurveda performed the first example of surgery but developed to be a preventative health discipline focussing on purification of toxicity and lifestyle regimens tailored to constitutional and seasonal guidelines as a way of sustaining optimal health.

  • Chronobiology - The study of our internal clocks - the Central Clock which organises our biology to align with the 24hr Earth clock and nocturnal and diurnal rhythms and the Peripheral Clocks which determine when organ function is optimal.

  • Endocrinology - the study of the physiology and pathology of endocrine glands which are pivotal in regulating many metabolic pathways.

  • Embryology - The study of developmental biology from pre-womb to tomb.

  • Epigenetic - The science of how genes are expressed and change over time.

  • Exposomics - The study of how environmental factors interfacing with our bodies (food, water, air) can activate definite functions.

  • Geomedicine - studies the influence of geographical location and environment on individual health and wellness.

  • Lifestyle Medicine - aims to return the body to homeostasis by regulating environmental and lifestyle factors that influence gene expression (sub branches include nutrigenomics and exposomics).

  • Molecular Biology - the study of human biology at a molecular level, particularly DNA, RNA and protein biosynthesis.

  • Neuropsychology - The study of how the brain influences your cognitive functions and behaviours.

  • Phenotypology - The study of the external display of your genetic expression e.g. height, weight, muscle density etc.

  • Semeiotics - Studies signs and symptoms of normality v disease in an individual, using data to identify deviations from normal that may lead to disease.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine - Refers to the broad range of healing disciplines that have developed in China over centuries. These include acupuncture, tai-na, qi-gong, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary guidelines based on 5 element theory.

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