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Old magic medicines for modern times - Alchemic Spagyric Tinctures

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Alchemic Spagyric tinctures are a unique class of herbal extracts that are produced using a specialised alchemical and spagyric process. This process involves several in depth steps that include fermentation, distillation, and specific recombination of the plants essential components, using alot more of the plant material in the process. The term "spagyric" originates from the Greek words "spao" (to separate) and "ageiro" (to combine), reflecting the key aspects of the process: separation, purification, and recombination.

The alchemical spagyric process aims to not only extract the plant's medicinal compounds but also to enhance their potency and effectiveness. This is achieved by carefully isolating various plant constituents, such as essential oils, minerals, and other active compounds, and then recombining them in a way that synergistically amplifies their therapeutic properties.

Spagyric Tinctures offer a notably more potent alternative to regular herbal tinctures. Their uniqueness lies in the incorporation of "plant salts" which are recombined with the tincture base, creating a natural reaction between potassium carbonate and organic acids. This reaction infuses the spagyric tincture with distinctive plant esters and potassium-based electrolytes, resulting in longer-lasting effects with just a few drops. Unlike traditional herbal medicine, where some parts of the plant may go unused, spagyric tinctures utilise every aspect of the plant in their production process, yielding plant esters and phytochemicals that differ from those in standard herbal tinctures.

These tinctures possess a distinct quality – they encapsulate not only the physical attributes of the plant but also its spiritual and energetic essence. As a result, their impact extends beyond the body's biochemical processes, influencing and affecting the intricate electromagnetic layers of our body’s information and energetic biofield.

Alchemic Spagyric tinctures enhance the healing potential of plant-derived solutions, not just by magnifying the plant's medicinal characteristics, but also by aligning them with the natural rhythms and cosmic energies. This perspective highlights the interconnectedness of the physical, spiritual, and energetic facets, culminating in an approach that fosters holistic overall well-being.

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