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Welcome to Evolve Your Health

Have you felt the call to reconnect to the restorative power of natural healing?


The landscape of natural health is changing as our collective human frequency is being elevated. There is now a global renaissance of awakening and awareness that is helping us to take ownership of our own health and happiness, to becoming more informed, self-responsible & self-empowered as we find our own equilibrium.  


This is your invitation to be part of the human wellness revolution as we move towards reconnecting to nature, restoring the integrity of our sacred biological systems, transcending personal and societal trauma and programs of limitation. 


It's time to reclaim our innate healing power, realise our full potential and contribute our unique gifts to this brave new world.


If this resonates, then I have what you're looking for!

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Cherie Gorringe Naturopath Sunshine Coast Evolve Your Health


Cherie Gorringe
University trained Naturopath

Epigenetic Coach & Longevity Specialist

I have spent the best part of 25 years studying and clinically refining and applying many natural health tools and techniques, teaching and coaching personalised epigenetic diet and lifestyle programs, curating premium quality natural healing products and pioneering the use of cutting edge wellness technologies from around the world, to offer you the best, most efficient way to exceed your wellness limits at any age.

I co-own the only publicly offered RASHA™ base 12 scalar field sound frequency system in Australia and it's right here in the Sunshine Coast! This tri-naural, consciousness elevating, biofield cleansing breakthrough technology is a game changer that will help you move beyond self-limiting patterns and beliefs so you can get on with expressing your highest version of you and doing what you love.

I take great joy in collaborating with and learning from many other pioneering frequency medicine researchers, functional medicine doctors, and natural health practitioners from around the world to bring you the very best, most up to date natural medicine currently available. Whether you need help recovering from a serious health challenge or are simply looking for truthful information to clarify and learn how to prevent and optimise your own wellness,  it is my pleasure to guide you on your health journey.

If you're like me and you won't settle for 'I'm OK,' then join me on your journey towards, 'I'm pure, high voltage awesomeness from head to toe!'

Services & Wellness Technologies

There are so many amazing technologies available today to help your thrive. Below is a sneak peak of my offerings. You will find many more under the RASHA & HEALTH CONSULTS drop down menus. I highly recommend taking advantage of my FREE 15 MINUTE HEALTH CONSULT to give us both a point of reference for you to best achieve your wellness goals.

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What my clients say...

"Cherie is a brilliant, innovative healer on the cutting edge of technology and deeply committed to her craft of ancient traditional wellness. I’m so grateful for the incredible guidance she’s provided to me and my family and I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Kaia Roman - Bestselling Author, The Joy Plan, and Documentary Producer


+61 450 971 325   |

Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland

Thanks for getting in touch!

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