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What is IDF Technology?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

To understand IDF technology, it is wise to first clarify a few definitions as we start to explore this paradigm shifting realm of Quantum Science. Drawing from the work and research of Rupert Sheldrake, PhD we will dive into the meaning of morphogenetic fields, morphogenetic resonance, and information to discover the level from which this technology focuses.


The coming into being of form.

morphic unit

A unit of form or organisation, such as an atom, molecule, crystal, cell, plant, animal, pattern of instinctive behaviour, social group, element of culture, ecosystem, planet, planetary system, or galaxy. Morphic units are organised in nested hierarchies of units within units: a crystal, for example, contains molecules, which contain atoms, which contain electrons and nuclei, which contain nuclear particles, which contain quarks.

morphic field

A field within and around a morphic unit which organises its characteristic structure and pattern of activity. Morphic fields underlie the form and behaviour of holons or morphic units at all levels of complexity. The term morphic field includes morphogenetic, behavioural, social, cultural, and mental fields. Morphic fields are shaped and stabilised by morphic resonance from previous similar morphic units, which were under the influence of fields of the same kind. They consequently contain a kind of cumulative memory and tend to become increasingly habitual.

morphic resonance

The influence of previous structures of activity on subsequent similar structures of activity organised by morphic fields. Through morphic resonance, formative causal influences pass through or across both space and time, and these influences are assumed not to fall off with distance in space or time, but they come only from the past. The greater the degree of similarity, the greater the influence of morphic resonance. In general, morphic units closely resemble themselves in the past and are subject to self-resonance from their own past states.


To inform literally means to put into form or shape. Information is now generally taken to be the source of form or order in the world; information is informative and plays the role of a formative cause, as for example in the concept of "genetic information."

IDF's or ‘Intrinsic Data Fields’ refer to an extensive body of both ancient and modern knowledge that explores the morphogenetic biofields of organic life and the linked interface between our physical, emotional, mental, and subtle fields. Rupert Sheldrake points out, "since the 1920s many developmental biologists have proposed that biological organisation depends on fields, variously called biological fields, or developmental fields, or positional fields, or morphogenetic fields . All cells come from other cells, and all cells inherit fields of organisation. Genes are part of this organisation. They play an essential role. But they do not explain the organisation itself. Through morphic resonance, the patterns of activity in self-organising systems are influenced by similar patterns in the past, giving each species and each kind of self-organising system a collective memory ". (1) These unseen but frequently felt layered fields of our being and the information patterns they contain, create and hold our original divine 'DNA blueprint', storing vast amounts of coded information and frequencies that underpin, organise, inform and influence our denser physical state of expression.

IDF study encompass modalities like kinesiology, radionics, psychotronics and psionics, which explore, read and tune not just our physical body, it examines our unique invisible biofield which stores imprinted, remembered (conscious) and unremembered (sub-conscious) data and coded information. Consciousness and information coding move through our multi-layered biofield to instruct and direct our physical matter. We when start to consider and explore our multi-dimensional selves as fractals of consciousness having a seemingly dualistic 3-D reality experience felt through all our felt senses, we begin to grasp the awareness and concept that through recoding and changing information from the higher levels, to 'reprogram' distortions in our biofield, the ripple effect is felt, seen and enacted upon, hence fine tuning our physical expression and adjusting our wellness.

IDF analysis uses consciousness interfacing technology to enhance our ability to connect with a person's higher faculties to gain deeper wisdom and insights. In many esoteric traditions, remote viewing and distance healing have been successfully practiced for centuries. They relied on individuals with super-sensory perception, who could facilitate healing through the sacred web of interconnectedness to recode, clear and shift information on the blueprint template level, whether that be through prayer, intention, focus, visualisation, ritual, trance and other ways.

Over time and throughout history, as the division of science and spirituality played out, much of humanity lost their ability to clearly perceive or influence these more subtle levels of reality, however that is starting to change as more people learn about the incredibly mind bending new area of quantum science that is exploring the nature of reality. It used to take years of disciplined effort to cultivate our super-sensory faculties. Now, as we straddle the Age of Information, the Age of Technology, the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Enlightenment, science and spirituality are once again coming together, and this convergence brings forth and accelerates the development of incredible quantum technologies that are here to support our human evolution, and help us to reach our full human potential and rediscover latent super natural abilities.

With recent advances in quantum physics and computer technology, researchers are now able to measure and influence the subtle energies surrounding a body and objects in the environment. These instruments can analyse vast amounts of data that exist in any given IDF in order to understand ones vitality, locate distortions and rebalance the biofield information. An energy healer for example, will enter high brain wave frequency states of consciousness and use intention and visualisation to restore balance in the same way that these technologies can change the wave form to a natural, more biologically healthy state - shifting it to a more harmonious sound rhythm instead of static noise, for example.

Advancing IDF research, is a state of the art instrument called the SE-5 2000 (SE-5) developed by Don Paris, and based on the original work of physicist, Dr Willard Frank . This solid state electronic instrument is designed to detect, quantify, and transmit a full spectrum of IDF signals to restore template instructions and normalise wave form patterns or functions to a biofield. In laymen terms this means it can, on an information level detect imbalances and interference in the flow of energy and recode collective distortions.

The SE5 was originally designed to be used as a spectrometer to analyse the energies emitted by mineral samples, however, the SE-5's use as an experimental research device proved itself to be an invaluable tool applicable to many key areas such as; human wellness, pet wellness, land exploration, agricultural management, house and business wellness, and is especially interesting in these post-Covid times.

The SE-5 2000 has two main capacities:

1) it measures Intrinsic Data Field (IDF) radiation of an object

2) it broadcasts different IDF information to change the patterns the object.

The SE-5, therefore, as mentioned earlier, does not operate directly on the physical level but functions as a receiver, transmitter and modulator of wave form information found in the subatomic or subtle magnetic and morphogenetic energy fields which precede manifestation and materialisation of matter in its elemental and molecular form.

(N.B. some information in this section is from the SE-5 website & Rupert Sheldrake's website.)


Our biofield serves as a communications antenna; it is a receiver and transmitter for converting coded information into thought, emotion, and patterns of behaviour, as well as serving as the life-informing and healing power of the physical body.​ Just like our body may accumulate physical toxicity, so too can our biofields accumulate patterns of information that allow a build up of energetic toxicity from undigested life experiences, distorted inputs, repetitious programming delivered throughout our lives. The SE5, while operating in the information realm, offers the potential to explore and play in the unseen world that surrounds and interpenetrates every aspect of our being, to help rewrite our coding for a more balanced, harmonious, happy and .

"That which weakens life energy is to be avoided: shame, guilt, confusion, fear, hatred, pride, hopelessness, and falsehood. That which uplifts life is to be realised: truth, courage, acceptance, reason, love, beauty, joy, and peace." -David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.



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